Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi hotel, a 300-year-old building in the midst of the city of Isfahan with its historical architecture, was built in Safavid-era under the orders of Shah Sultan Hossein.

Abbasi hotel has 225 rooms and suites including the Chechm Andaz and Pardis rooms, standard Qajar and Safavid rooms which are guests’ favorites of all. Keep in mind that you Can only visit these rooms if you have booked one which only costs nineteen million Rials a night (1 to 4 persons per room). All of the rooms are equipped with special safety systems and are constructed based on international hotel standards.

It is a 17th century caravanserai that has been renovated. The simplicity and strength of this hotel are reminiscent of the glory and grandeur of Naqshe-e Jahan square. The main structure of some of these rooms belongs to the Safavid-era and its architecture is inspired by that era too. The mixture of plasterwork, illumination and vaulted walls create a unique overall atmosphere. Wall paintings and glittering gilded ceiling work are examples of magnificent art designed by various artists. Magnificent restaurants, traditional dining rooms and a traditional teahouse, each with their outstanding and persistent designs, create the atmosphere which takes you back to the memorable past.

This hotel offers a sport center with pool, sauna, gym, Jacuzzi and massage service for a more enjoyable stay. Hotel ground represents the classical Persian garden which has a reputation all over the world. The scenic view of the Chahar Bagh School’s dome as well as beautiful trees and garden create a peaceful and delightful environment. Recently, the entrance fee has been removed. Therefore, from 5PM to 10PM you can enter this magnificent hotel and walk around the classical Persian garden of Abbasi hotel for free.


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Opening Hours

Daily Hours: 8 AM – 9 PM


Amadegah St, Isfahan, Iran


(+98) 31 3222 6010



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