Event Banner of Nowrouz in Ancient Iran

Nowrouz in Ancient Iran

Our ancestors always celebrated national occasions throughout the year with exceptional solidarity. These celebrations were held to protect and show respect to Mother Nature and that is why most of the occasions are in perfect harmony with natural occurrences or in other words nature’s calendar. Such occasions and celebrations are among the most important cultural phenomena of any nation or ethnicity and work as a measure to the depth of their cultural heritage.
Thanks to our ancient history and civilization, we Iranians are heir to a profound and multifaceted culture with hundreds of celebrations and rituals. One of the most significant ones is Nowrouz. Unfortunately though, this colourful carpet of Iranian celebrations has gradually lost its gleam. Therefore, we need to look back at our history and know our own identity in more depth and promote this great culture with its celebration and rituals lest our descendants feel lost and seek their roots in foreign soil.