All about Iran VPN

The Use of VPN in Iran

 If you are planning to visit Iran, you might want to prepare yourself beforehand for restricted internet use. You can use VPN services that will allow you to access the content that you need. You can either purchase VPNs or Download the free VPNs that work in Iran. Keep in mind that it is better to do so before arriving in Iran since the VPN websites might be blocked as well. Read here about Iran SIM Cards and available internet packages

Which VPN Works in Iran?

Among different VPNs that work in Iran these are the best and top 5 VPNs which you can purchase. You can use the free trial while you are in Iran. In this way you do not even need to purchase anything for a few days in Iran. As you might already know, these VPNs bring you high quality, secure and fast connection service. On top of that, purchased VPNs work better on Laptops, PCs and other devices.

  •  NordVPN – Very secure | Double hop VPN which encrypts your data twice | Servers in 60 countries |
  • ExpressVPN – A fast VPN | Stealth servers for bypassing blocks | Servers in 94 Countries |
  • CyberGhost – Easy to use | Accepts bitcoin | Servers in 60 countries |
  • PrivateVPN – Cheapest on the list | Easy installation | Servers in 60 countries |
  • VPNArea – Great customer service | Excellent security features | Servers in 70 countries | month
  • PureVPN  High speed, travel-friendly, cheap, easy to use

Which Free VPN Works in Iran?

The safest used free VPNs in Iran are Psiphon, Hotspot Shield, Freegate. These can be download freely from their websites. Some of them might work on android better than iPhone.The best free VPN for iPhone in Iran, according to some recommendations, is secureVpn.

Free VPNs might not be the safest option or even the fastest one. If you want high quality connection with security and speed where there is no advertisement getting in your way, purchasing a VPN is recommended to downloading a free one.

How Can I Download VPNs in Iran?

You can use each of the VPNs’ websites to download them. You can also download VPNs from Appstore or PlayStore on your Android/IPhone. Keep in mind that it is better to do so before arriving in Iran since the VPN websites might be blocked as well. It is better to have a backup VPN in case the other one stops working.  

Is VPN Legal in Iran?

Generally, purchasing, downloading and using VPNs are not something of a legal matter. Though, there has not been any reports of somebody getting in trouble for it. Most people use VPNs on daily basis for a secure and free internet access. 

What Social Media Or Websites Are Allowed in Iran? Is Facebook Illegal in Iran?

The better question is what social media or websites are not allowed in Iran. The list below is consist of the major websites which are blocked in Iran. This list might change overtime.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Some Google services

Here are some of the most common questions regarding VPNs and internet access in Iran:

Is google allowed in Iran?

You can freely use and search in google for different contents. Some websites and google services might be blocked in Iran.

Is YouTube allowed in Iran? Is twitter allowed in Iran?

YouTube and Twitter are among the websites that are blocked in Iran but they are available with VPN.  

Is Gmail blocked in Iran?

There is no restriction against using Gmail and it is totally allowed in Iran.

Can you use WhatsApp in Iran?

You can definitely use WhatsApp freely in Iran for messaging, calls and video calls.

Do IMO and Botim work in Iran?

You can use these two applications for phone and video calls without any restriction.

How can I access internet in Iran?

You can click here and read about Iran SIM Cards with different internet packages and prices

How to speak Persian

Persian, also called Farsi is a language as beautiful as its region of origin. Persian language opens the way to the Iranian culture. Learning Persian essential phrases will give you a kick-start in speaking Persian. Like anything else, you’ll have to learn some basics first. It’s good to know some essential Persian phrases if you’re travelling to Iran. Persian is mainly spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and countries which historically were under Persian influence.



Persian How to read






Good Morning

صبح بخیر Sobh Be Kheir

Good Evening

عصر بخیر Asr Be Kheir




See you later تا بعد

Ta ba’d





نه Na

Excuse me!

لطفاً Lotfan


ممنون Mamnoon
Thanks a lot خیلی ممنون

Kheili mamnoon

Thank you for your help ممنون از کمکتون

Mamnoon az komaketoun

Don’t mention it

خواهش می کنم Khāhesh mikonam


باشه Bāshe
How much is it? قیمت این چنده؟

Gheymate in chande?

Sorry! ببخشید


I don’t understand

نمی فهمم Nemifahmam

I get it

فهمیدم Fahmidam
I don’t know نمیدونم


Forbidden ممنوع


Excuse me, where are the toilets?

ببخشید دستشویی کجاست؟ Bebakhshid dastshooei kojāst?

Happy New Year!

سال نو مبارک Sale no mobārak
Happy birthday! تولدت مبارک

Tavalodet mobārak

Happy holiday! عیدت مبارک

Eidat mobārak

Congratulations! مبارک باشه

Mobārak Bāshe

Useful phrases:

Learn essential sentences and study phrases that you will commonly use when speaking Persian. Learning words in the context of sentences and conversation helps you with remembering them.



Persian How to read

Hello. How are you?

سلام. چطوری؟ Salām. Chetouri?

Hello. I’m fine, thank you

سلام. خوبم. ممنون Salām. Khobam. Mamnoon.

Only a little bit

فقط یه کم

Faghat ye kam

Where do you come from? اهل کدوم کشوری؟ا

Ahle kodoum keshvari?

What is your nationality? ملیتت چیه؟

Meliatet chie?

And you, do you live here?

تو هم اینجا زندگی میکنی؟ To ham injā zendegi mokoni?

Yes, I live here

آره اینجا زندگی میکنم. Are injā zendegi mikonam

My name is Sarah, what’s your name?

اسم من ساراست. اسم تو چیه؟

Esme man Sara ast. Esme to chie?

What are you doing here? اینجا چیکار میکنی؟

Injā chikar mikoni?

I am on holiday اومدم تعطیلات

Oumadam tatilāt

We are on holiday

اومدیم تعطیلات Oumadim tatilāt
I am on a business trip سفر کاری اومدم

Safar kāri oumadam

I work here

اینجا کار میکنم Inja kār mikonam
We work here اینجا کار میکنیم

Inja kār mikonim

Where are the good places to go out and eat?

کجاها میشه یه غذای خوب خورد؟

Kojāhā mishe ye ghazaye khob khord?

Is there a museum in the neighborhood?

این اطراف موزه هست؟ In atrāf mooze hast?
Where could I get an internet connection? کجا می تونم به اینترنت وصل شم؟

Kojā mitounam be internet vasl besham?




Persian How to read
Day روز Rooz
Night شب Shab
Yesterday ديروز DeeRooz
Today امروز emRoozEmRooz
Tomorrow فردا faRdāFaRdā
Week هفته haftehHafteh
Month ماه mMāaah
Year سال sālSāl
Second ثانيه sāneeyeSāneeye
Minute دقيقه daqeeqeDaqeeqe
Hour ساعت sā’atSā’at
Morning صبح sobhSobh
Evening عصر ‘asrAsr
Noon ظهر zohrZohr
Afternoon بعد از ظهر ba’ad Ba’d az zohr
Midnight نصف شب nesf Nesf-e shab
Now اکنون – حالا aknoonAknoon – Hālā
Later بعداً ba’danBa’dan




Persian How to read
Saturday شنبه Shanbe
Sunday یکشنبه Yek shanbe
Monday دوشنبه Do shanbe
Tuesday سه شنبه Seh shanbe
Wednesday چهارشنبه Chehār shenebeh
Thursday پنج شنبه Panj shanbeh
Friday جمعه Jom’e

Note: Persian week starts on Saturday and Friday is weekend.


Number Persian How to read Number Persian How to read
0 صفر Sefr 17 هفده Hef-Dah
1 یک Yek 18 هجده Hej-Dah
2 دو Do 19 نوزده Nooz-Dah
3 سه Se 20 بیست Bieest
4 چهار Chahāaar 30 سی Siee
5 پنج Panj 40 چهل Chehel
6 شش Shesh 50 پنجاه Panjāh
7 هفت Haft 60 شصت Shast
8 هشت Hasht 70 هفتاد Haftād
9 نه Noh 80 هشتاد Hashtād
10 ده Dah 90 نود Navad
11 یازده Yāz-Dah 100 صد SādSad
12 دوازده Davāz-Dah 1,000 هزار Hezār
13 سیزده SeezSiz-Dah 10,000 ده هزار Dah -Hezār
14 چهارده Chāahāar-Dah 50,000 صد پنجاه هزار Panjāh Sad Hezār
15 پانزده Pāanz-Dah 100,000 صد هزار Sad Hezār
16 شانزده Shāanz-Dah 1,000,000 یک میلیون Yek Milion




Persian How to read
Street خیابان Khiyabaan
Alley کوچه Kouche
Market سوپر مارکت Souper maarket
Restaurant رستوران Restouran
Drugstore داروخانه Daaroukhaneh
Hospital بیمارستان Bimaarestaan
Fire station آتش نشانی Atashneshaani
Police پلیس Police




Persian How to read


گیاه خوار Giyah khaar


صبحانه sobhaneh


ناهار nahar


شام sham
Snack میان وعده

Miyan vadeh

Delicious خوشمزه


distasteful food بد مزه

Bad maze




Persian How to read


مشکی meshki
white سفید



زرد zard
red قرمز



آبی aabi




Related Book

Farsi (Persian) Phrasebook & Dictinary


Mobile Carriers

Main operators who provide telecommunication service in Iran

Hamrah Aval (IR MCI)

Hamrah Aval Logo


Irancell Logo


RighTel Logo

Mobile coverage

There is not a significant difference between their Mobile coverage in urban areas. But if you want to go to the suburb, Irancell and Hamrah aval have a better signal than the other.

Mobile Data

This sim cards provide unlimited Internet package which you can enjoy its high speed Internet during travel in Iran. In the sections of mobile data you can active Internet.

How to recharge your SIM card?

Both prepaid and postpaid phone plans are available in Iran. Do not worry about prepaid sim cads top up. Your Iran sim card can be top up by using Iranian debit cards or buy top up prepaid cards from any supermarket, grocery store or news stand at any time in any place. Incoming calls from other countries are FREE OF CHARGE and you don not need to recharge Your SIM card; if it is your last days of trip and you except incoming calls from Iran or abroad.

Hamrah Aval Recharge Card

Card Charge hamrahe avval

Irancell Recharge Card

Card Charge irancell

RighTel Recharge Card

Card Charge rightel

What type of SIM card do you need for your phone?

There are currently three size of SIM cards available in Iran included standard SIM, Micro SIM, Nano SIM. Iran SIM card companies made it easy for you by giving you all three in one SIM card.

Hamrah Aval SIM card

Hamrah Aval SIM size

Irancell SIM card

Irancell Sim Size

RighTel SIM card

Rightel Sim Size

How to buy SIM card in Iran?

Visitor SIM cards (Iran SIM card) are available at any arrival gate especially International Airports in the stands which sell SIM cards. All of you need to pick up one is your passport. Iran SIM card is registered by passport ID number.

What is the price of Iran SIM card?

You can obtain reasonable price of Iran SIM card in companies site.

Iran numbers

International Access Code00
Country Code+98

cityCity code

EmergenciesEmergency numbers
Local Directory118

Earth Day and Tourism

Earth Day (April 22nd) and Tourism

In the words of environmental activist and actor Leonardo Dicaprio, “Climate change is real. It is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.”

The environment is a top global priority that can be supported through ethical tourism. Travellers without a home base may not have the option to make common green consumer purchasing decisions such as using LED light bulbs, driving hybrid cars or using solar powered energy systems in their homes. Yet, there are numerous small changes that travellers may make to shift the way they travel that will, in turn, minimise their carbon footprints while making a long-lasting positive impact on the earth.

This Earth Day, April 22nd, challenge yourself to make these adjustments to your travel routine that will enrich your experiences, support a socially conscious lifestyle and benefit Mother Nature.

9 Ways Travelers Can Help the Earth Right Now

1. Plastic is one of the biggest demons preventing us from protecting our planet.

Earth simply cannot digest plastic. If you haven’t already switched from purchasing plastic water bottles daily to using a reusable water bottle (preferably glass) then now is the time to finally quit plastic for good. If you’re nervous about the quality and cleanliness of the available filtered water or tap water in the destinations you visit then you may want to invest in the innovative Lifestraw, which transforms contaminated water into potable water. Other ways to reduce your plastic consumption is to opt for reusable utensils and straws to carry with you. Make sure to specify that you do not need your meal to include plastic cutlery when you order takeaway meals. Bring a reusable cloth bag to use whenever you go shopping and visit countries such as France, Italy, Morocco and India who are among countries at the forefront of banning the use of plastic bags, plates and/or cutlery. Not convinced yet? Here is a shocking fact, for every living creature in the ocean, there is six pieces of plastic also in the sea.

2. Eco-friendly accommodation options are becoming mainstream and are widely available across all budgets.

Look for lodges, hotels, guesthouses and hostels that explain what makes their property green and feel free to vet the authenticity before booking by emailing over questions. Any truly ethical property will be happy to confirm their eco-commitments. Ask about what programs they have in place to be more energy efficient. This may be through LED lighting or solar powered energy. Do they conserve water and have the option to switch on and off hot water? Do they use low-flow toilets? Inquire about their recycling policies and if there is the option to reuse towels and bedding rather than have fresh linens provided daily.

3. Be mindful whenever booking and taking transportation.

You likely are already aware that buses and trains make less of a negative impact on the environment than airplanes or cars. However, flying is often the only option for transcontinental travel. Most airlines will offer users the chance to offset carbon emissions from air travel through a minimal extra fee. When you arrive on location at your destination and have the choice between taking public transportation or a private taxi, choose the greener option whenever possible. When visiting developing countries you may even have the chance to take bicycle rickshaws which are the most eco-friendly option or rent a bicycle to explore your surroundings yourself. In countries like India opt for ride share apps like Ola or Uber over auto rickshaws as they have stronger regulations for their damaging emissions.

4. Book immersive and impactful travel experiences

that support local communities that are committed to helping the planet, fighting climate change and other environmental allows users to travel the globe by cause and has a map of hundreds of experiences that benefit the environment. Travelers can learn about bio-farming in Georgia, partake in eco-friendly cacao harvesting in Thailand, stay in an eco-cottage and discover local sanitation projects in India, plant trees in South Africa, go on an urban bike tour in Colombia or a nature trek in the Greek Islands. These are just some of the available experiences for travelers who are eager to advocate and fund mindful initiatives around the world through educational travel activities.

5. Swap out your chargers for a renewable source such as the WakaWaka solar lamp and charger.

These are perfect for travelers who are visiting destinations off the beaten path that may not have consistent electricity. An added bonus is that for every WakaWaka sold a solar light is donated to a family that does not have reliable access to light or electricity.

6. Be mindful of your water consumption and take shorter showers.

Not only is this routine better for your skin, as long showers are ultra drying, but you’ll also be using less precious water. To be extra sustainable with your bathroom habits turn off the water flow while you soap up your hair, body and brush your teeth then only turn it back on when you are ready to rinse off.

7. Switch Off lights and unplug devices

This tip should be a mindless habit by now but make sure to always unplug devices and switch off the lights when you are leaving a room. If there is a hot water switch for the shower, make sure to turn it off whenever you are not bathing.

8. Carry over your recycling practice that you routinely follow at home to your travels.

Separate your plastics, paper, glass and metals. Inquire about where you can start a small compost pile for your natural waste. If your accommodation doesn’t offer the option to recycle try to find out where the local facilities are or give your sorted trash directly to collectors that you may see gathering the materials from the street.

9. Rather than purchasing 100 ml carry-on sized liquids you can opt to use reusable bottles and refill with your favourite products from home.

Better yet choose products that avoid plastic altogether such as Lush shampoo bars. One bar can last up to 80 washes, making it more eco-friendly and more friendly on your luggage allowance too!

By: Lola Mendez

Lola Méndez is a full-time traveler sharing her adventures on Miss Filatelista as she adds to her collection of passport stamps. She travels to develop her own worldview and has explored 46 countries (up to written this post). Passionate about sustainable travel she seeks out ethical experiences that benefit local communities. You can follow her on and

Rial VS. Toman

Where do I exchange my money?

In Banks you can exchange your foreign currency of Dollars, Euro and pound to Rial (Iran official currency) but in Iran the best place to exchange foreign currency is Sarafi (the name of exchange office in Iran). The trained personels of this office exchange your money in the shortest possible time. They are quite honest, reliable and ready to be at your service.

So you don’t have to exchange your money before travel to Iran, at all arrival gate especially International airports, hotels and shopping centers you can find Sarafi which will do currency transactions.

Do you know what is the difference between Rial and Toman?

There are two kinds of currencies in Iran. The official currency in Iran is Rial (IRR) but people use the Toman in every day transactions. Rial has one more zero compared with Toman (1000Rial=100Toman).

you should pay attention to this point that exchange rate of Iranian currency is changing according to the Iran’s economic policy and Political relations.

How can I calculate exchange rate in Iran? website and its free App are the online exchange calculation system which use updated data to telling you the exact amount of your money.

The official currency in Iran is Rial but people use the Toman in every day transactions.

Toman …?

What is the difference between Rial and Toman?