Chahar Bagh Complex

Chahar Bagh Complex is a master piece of architecture, comprised of three main monuments which are Chahar Bagh school, Bazaar of Art and a Caravanserai. Certainly, this complex is exquisite in the history of architecture.

Chahar Bagh Theological School

Chahar Bagh School

Chahar Bagh School is named after the last Safavid king, Shah Sultan Hossein. In some European travel records this school is mentioned as Madrasah Madar-Shah (king’s mother’s school). Although, there is no legitimate written claim of this fact. This monument is considered as the last one of the Safavid era. The school is a master piece of tile work with a garden-like appearance. It has four iwans with 121 rooms. Today, this monument houses a theological college. The Safavid king himself had a room there which he used for his studies. The room is open to visitors. It is equipped with king’s furniture and belongings.

In the center of the courtyard there is a marble pool which is filled with the water that comes from one of the branches of Zayand-e Rud river. This school is actually a part of a splendid complex with a Caravanserai and the Bazaar of Art.

Bazaar of Art

Bazaar Honar

The northern part of the school Opens to Bazaar of Art or as Iranian would call it, Bazaar Honar. The Bazaar was used as a place where supplies for the Caravans could be purchased. Nowadays, it is used as Isfahan’s Gold and jewelry shop.

Caravanserai or Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel used to be a 17th century caravanserai. It has been renovated to a magnificent Hotel. This 300-year-old building is placed in the midst of the city of Isfahan. It was built in Safavid-era under the orders of Shah Sultan Hossein. The authentic architecture of this hotel reflects the simplicity and strength of the glory and grandeur of Naqsh-e Jahan Square.