Iran Travel Card

Carrying cash, exchanging money and understanding the Rial vs. Toman relation are of the most important concerns of tourists in Iran. Iran travel card is the answer to all these challenges. Once you arrive in Iran, no matter where you are, you can purchase this card and receive it right away. There is no limit in charging the card and you can recharge it in Rials or other currencies (based on everyday exchange rates).

How to register & activate Iran Travel Card?

  • 1

    Confirm Information Online

    Register for your Iran Travel Card online. Use our easy online application to confirm your information and specific requests

  • 2

    Install the Mobile APP

    Download and install the application on your mobile to:

    Check your current balance in IRR or any preferred currency

    Track your previous transactions

    Convert and add money to your Iran Tourist Card online

  • 3

    Iran Travel Card Delivery

    You can receive your Iran Tourist Card anytime and anywhere that you would arrange with your DarikPal, a Darik agent who would be in contact with you.

  • 4

    Easy Top ups

    You can convert and transfer money to your Iran Travel card:

    At the time of delivery

    Log into your mobile app and choose your preferred method (in cash or online)

  • 5

    Easy Spending

    Now you can use the benefits of the Iran Tourist Card and make purchases anywhere in Iran.