Javaheri Historical House

Javaheri Historical House

One of the most beautiful historical houses belonging to the Qajar Dynasty is the Javaheri Historical House. This mansion is located in Jamale Quarter, near the twin minarets of Dardasht. The mansion has many exceptional features with its fine lattice windows and fantastic veranda. The Cultural Heritage and Handicrafts Organization have recently converted this historical house into a training and handicrafts center. The aim was to create a suitable space for artists to create art, train new artists, share their experience, and sell their products.

Different Parts of Javaheri Historical House

In an architectural point of view, Javaheri House has a square plan. The main side of the house is located on its southern side which is connected to a hallway. The western wing of the house has a side doom with three floors overlooking the courtyard. The western side of the house mirrors the opposite side. The existence of the pond next to a garden with fine trees create a unique atmosphere. This helps the house retain a traditional feel. The staircase leads up to the roof. From the rooftop view, you can have a view of Jameh mosque.

Javaheri Historical House Collections

Javaheri house holds an extraordinary collection including: The Persian plaster work of Milk and Sugar, Arched pans of five and three, and colorful glasses which are visible in the main hall also known as Shahneshin. in the basement located on the western side of the house, there are some exceptional examples of tiles in different methods. Different handicraft workshops such as: emboss working Marquetry, calico work, inlaid works, and lock making are placed in this historical house.

Javaheri Historical House is located in the historical-cultural context of the Isfahan city.


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