Mardavij Pigeon Tower

Situated among houses of Isfahan, in the middle of a square named Borj, there is a unique pigeon tower. The architecture of the pigeon tower represents the work of experienced architects of ancient Iran. The pigeon tower is regarded as one of the largest ones with a most perfect pattern of this type. The towers were built for the purpose of attracting pigeons to them so that they would nest in the towers.

Pigeons could fly comfortably inside the towers. Their droppings, which contain considerable amounts of elements like nitrogen, were collected in the tower and then used for farmlands that used to be located around the pigeon towers. Nitrogen in pigeon droppings has an efficient role in the growth of plants and vegetables.

Pigeon towers were constructed in an impenetrable way that could shelter the pigeons from predators. The small size of the entrances holes, 7 centimeters by 7 centimeters, on the top of the tower were to prevent large birds such as hawks, owls or crows from entering the tower.

A white and slippery circular band made of plaster gypsum about 80 to 100 centimeters wide covers around the base of tower over mud and straw to prevent the creeping up of a snake on the shaft of the tower to enter through the pigeonholes on the top of the tower.

Do not miss the opportunity of visiting this unique pigeon tower.


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Opening Hours

Outdoor 7/24

Indoor 8 Am-12 pm


Mardavij Pigeon Tower, Azadi Ave, Hezar Jerib Ave, Isfahan, Iran


(+98) –


It’s free but you can pay tip if you want.

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