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Isfahan Sister Cities

The concept of Sister Cities or Twin Towns can be traced back to the post World War period in Europe when countries and nations ravaged by war sought peace and mutual understanding between cultures, ideas and nationalities. The first known sister cities in the world are Paderborn, Germany, and Le Mans, France.

Sister Cities are a cultural and business bond between two cities, states or even countries for mutual benefits. Isfahan as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and Iran’s cultural hub signed her first sister city agreement on May 7, 1989 with the city of Xi’an in china. Since then the city of Isfahan has signed more than 15 sister city relationship agreements with countries from around the world.

Here is a list of Isfahan’s sister cities:

CityCountryDate of agreementFlag
Xi’anChinaMay 7, 1989China Flag
Kuala lumpurMalaysiaJun 23, 1997
Freiburg GermanyOctober 27, 2000
Florence ItalySeptember 18, 1998
IașiRomaniaMay 10, 1999
BarcelonaSpainJan 14, 2000
YerevanArmeniaApril 27, 2000
KuwaitKuwaitJun 19, 2000
HavanaCubaMarch 8, 2001
LahorePakistanJuly 22, 2004
St. PetersburgRussiaNovember 10, 2004
DakarSenegalNovember 25, 2009
BaalbekLebanon October 5, 2010