Free Tours of Imam Hossein Ceremonies and spiritual tourism in Yazd

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  • Take part in the most significant mourning ceremony in Iran
  • The experience of participating in the religious sprit with locals
  • Get to know more about the religious and traditional ceremonies and about how they are held

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Of the many special religious festivals all around Iran, specific ceremonies are interesting for tourists from all around the world. You can organize your itinerary in a way to attend these ceremonies. You are welcome to join us to attend the most famous mourning ceremonies of Moharram in the world. Many visitors and bloggers from around the world travel to Iran each year, just to see this big festival. See More…

in Yazd, you can see Nakhl Gardani, which is carrying a big majestic wooden palm on the shoulders of mourners– this is the symbol of Imam Hossain’s coffin. Nakhl Gardani, literary meaning carrying a palm tree, is a Shia religious ritual carried out on the day of Ashura for commemorating the death of Hussain ibn Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, the third Shia Imam. Nakhl is a wooden structure used as a symbolic representation of the Imam’s coffin and Nakhl Gardani is the act of carrying the Nakhl from one place to another, resembling an Imam’s funeral. The structure is called Nakhl since it’s “widely” believed that Hussain ibn Ali’s body was moved to the shade of a palm tree, after his death, or because his body was carried using a coffin made of branches of palm tree, “the only material available in Karbala” at that time. The ritual is carried out in many cities of Iran among them Yazd, Kashan and Shahroud.

Tour offers are
  1. Traditional mourning ceremony in old Hosseinies of Yazd (Walking Tour)
  2. Hejleh Ghasem (wedding in battle). Arabic ceremony with dinner (walking tour)
  3. Tassua night ceremony in Yazd or near towns with dinner
  4. Tassua morning ceremony in Hazireh Mosque with lunch
  5. Ashoura night ceremony and cooking Ash in Yazd or near towns with dinner
  6. Ashoura Carnival, religious plays and carrying Nakhl ceremony with lunch in a town outside Yazd (Ashkzar- Taft- Mehriz)
  7. Shame Ghariban (ceremony of candles) in Shahzadeh Fazel and Amirchakhmagh square with dinner
  8. Traditional mourning ceremony in Shahzadeh Fazel with workshop and dinner
  9. Traditional mourning ceremony in Shahzadeh Fazel with workshop, visiting the holy shrine with full explanation of Shia Muslims and dinner
  10. Attend and watch the mourning groups aggregation as one of the biggest ceremonies in the world with lunch

Trip Note
  • Wearing clothes according to the mourning dress code is valued to respect the memory of imam Hussain and his mourners
  • Due to the fact that most of the mourning ceremonies are filled with crowds, it is recommended to reserve the tours beforehand
  • All the ceremonies are held during a specific time span. If you are interested to take part in any of the events feel free to contact IsfahanInfo team. We will make sure to reserve and connect you to Yazd’s tour organization.

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