Sizdah bedar - Iranian picnic on nature day

April 2nd

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Let's celebrate the 2019 Spring Festival with Iran

Nowruz - The Persian New Year

March 21st

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Isfahan is Half of the World

Henri de RégnierFrench Poet

…Isfahan [is] among those rarer places, like Athens or Rome, which are the common refreshment of humanity.

Robert Byron“Road to Oxiana”

When these mosaics were still vibrant, Isfahan was larger than London, more cosmopolitan than Paris, and grander, by some accounts, than even storied Istanbul.

Andrew Lawler“Smithsonian Magazine”

Who can claim to have seen the most beautiful city of the world without having seen Isfahan?

Andre Malraux

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+2,500 Years

of Persian Empire
Over 800,000 Years of Human Civilization

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Why Visit Iran

Why visit Iran

What characteristics define Iran the best? How safe is it to travel to Iran in 2019? What things should I be aware of before my trip to Iran?

Yalda Night

Have you ever heard about Yalda night special Hafez-Khani tradition? What do special fruits served on Yalda night symbolize? From where does Yalda night get its name and meaning?

Hakim Mosque

A mosque, named Masjed-e Jorjir was built in the 10th century…
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