Chahar Bagh School

Chahar Bagh School

The Chahar Bagh School is the last magnificent monument built in Safavid era (1704 to 1714) during the reign of King Sultan Hussein. The school was part of a huge complex including Caravanserai (Now it is Abbasi Hotel) and Bazaar (Now it is Bazaar-e Honar, one of the most important gold market in Isfahan).
The name of Chahar Bagh School is Due to its location in Chahar Bagh Street, however, other names such as Soltani School and Madar Shah (Shah’s Mother) School have also been mentioned.
The architecture is in accordance with the climate of Isfahan and is designed based on four seasons (four iwans); in warm seasons, the southern iwan and in the cold seasons the northern iwan were used.
The building of Chahar Bagh School has two floors; Religious courses were taught in first floor and mathematics, astronomy and medicine courses were taught in second floor.
The school includes a large central courtyard in the center and four small yards around the center. The central courtyard with a large pool in the center and lots of trees, makes the interior of the school stylish. The middle pond of the courtyard is supplied with Madi Farshadi (Farshadi Stream).
Visitors have the opportunity of visiting the most beautiful tile collections in Isfahan.
In addition, given the mandatory use of Chador for women while visiting the school, it is an opportunity for them to experience Chador as a kind of Hijab, and touch this Iranian religious culture.


Opening Hours

Daily Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM

Closing Days in 2019

26 May
4 June
9 September
10 September
27 October


Chahar Bagh Theological School. Chahar Bagh e Abbasi St. Isfahan, Iran


(+98) 031 3222 9227


150,000 Rls

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