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Juei Bridge

Juei Bridge

Juei Bridge is among the bridges which were constructed during the safavid era and Shah Abbas the second reign. The Juei Bridge is also known as Choobi (wooden) bridge among the locals. This bridge has 21 arch-shaped sluices. It is 145.7 m long and 4.1 m wide. The bridge used to connect the royal gardens which were placed on the sides of the bridge. Royal gardens such as Saadat Abad, Haftdast, Aeineh Khaneh, and Namakdan which no longer exist. This bridge is placed between the two magnificent Sio-Se-Pol and Khaju Bridges.

Juei means ”with a duct”. According to resources, there was a duct with a copper cover on its surface which was used to prevent water leakage to lower vaults.

The water level in Zayandeh Rud river was high enough for boating when the canals were blocked. The royal family would take seats in the Shahneshins to watch the boating matches and fireworks. Shahneshins are the special places that were used by the king and his guests to seat and watch the celebrations. Today, these two Shahneshins are turned into cozy cafes. Grab a table or a seat to relax for some time under the Juei Bridge.


Opening Hours

Daily Hours: 12 AM – 11:59 PM


Kamal Smaeel St., Isfahan, Iran



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