Varzaneh Desert

Varzaneh Desert

Varzaneh Desert in southeastern Isfahan, the desert is located 100 km in the east of Isfahan.  Enjoying the pleasure of walking along the wetland, you can experience desert trails on dunes with an area of 1700 hectares. A city where all its streets go down to Zayanderud river.

Varzaneh Desert is the most accessible desert in Isfahan city, and the unsurpassed breadth of sand dunes in various shapes and sandy landscapes above the slopes of the sand is incontestable. It’s an ideal place for stargazing at night and much more that you will find out by yourself.

Special Species Residing in Varzaneh Desert

One of the most original natural landscapes of Varzaneh is the watery ecosystem with the dryland of Gavkhuni international wetland. Gavkhuni wetland is like a jewel in the central desert of Iran. Some special species of plants are able to grow there including soap root, salsola, reed and different species of tamarisk. Among the birds, are species of blackcock and bittern, as well as storks, herons, gulls, flamingos and ducks cover the wetland’s periphery. In the past, suitable grass coverage made the swamp a rich wildlife region and an important habitat for Persian zebra.

What Is Sand Therapy?

Sand therapy, walking on the sand dunes, cycling, riding an all- terrain vehicle (ATVs), off-roading, skiing on the sand and camel trekking are the tourism capacities of the desert. The beauty of the desert is tied to its boundless calmness and the silence that surrounds all the depths of human existence.

The City of White Dressed Angels

Unique to Varzaneh, are the local women’s costumes. They wear completely white chadors, while women in the rest of Iran, mostly wear black chadors. Many local people speak an ancient Pahlavi sasani dialect.

The other historical attractions of Varzaneh city include:

  • Gav chah
  • Asyab shotor
  • Karbafy workshop
  • Arg-e Ghurtan
  • Wetland Gavkhuni


Opening Hours

Daily Hours: 12 AM – 11:59 PM


Varzaneh, Isfahan Province, Iran



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