Zayandehrud River

Zayandehrud River

There are ways to spend an afternoon better. Strolling along the Zayandeh River, crossing back and forth on the river’s 11 bridges – or even meandering along the often empty riverbed itself are some of them.  It is especially pleasant at sunset and in the early evening when most of the bridges, five of which date back to the Safavid era, are brilliantly lit.

All but one of the historic Safavid-era crossings lie to the east of Chahar Bagh Abbasi St – the exception is the shorter Pol-e Marnan (Marnan Bridge) – but most people satisfy themselves with the walk from Pol-e Si-o-Seh (Si-o-Seh Bridge) to Pol-e Khaju (Khaju Bridge), and back. Traditionally, Esfahanis  stop to drink tea and enjoy a qalyan at one of the atmospheric teahouses on the Khaju, Chubi and Si-o-Seh bridges.



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