Mollabashi Historical House

Mollabashi historical House

Dating back to Zandieh and Qajar dynasty, Mollabashi Historical House is one of the most beautiful houses among all others. Also, it has some features related to Safavid dynasty.

History of Mollabashi Historical House

Zelol Sultan was famous for the destructions that happened under his orders. When Zelol Sultan the son of Naser-al-din Shah who was the ruler of Isfahan city this house was purchased by Mollabashi. Mollabashi was a famous astronomer during Naser-al-din Shah. This historical house is also known under the name of Motamedi House.

Mollabashi Historical House is registered on the National World Heritage list. This house is placed in the cultural-context near the other Isfahan Historical Houses.

Stained glass windows and mirrored walls are a part of the outstanding architecture of this house. The remarkable stucco decoration among with the colorful tiles decorating the ceiling gives the place a marvelous look.

The three main parts of Mollabashi Historical House

  • Courtyard: The reconstruction of this part is more visible than any other parts of the house. The end of the courtyard leads you to a beautiful room. This room overlooks the street. During the day, the room is showered in sunlight. The staircase would lead you to the porch and the rooftop.
  • Summer House(Tabestan-Neshin): From the courtyard you can get to the summer room which has noticeable Zandieh Features. The painting on the walls of this room depict the names of planets and ancient Iranian months.
  • Inner Courtyard: This part is where you can truly see most of the historic aspects of a traditional Iranian house.

The entrance doors of the rooms are adorned with Muqarnas tiles. A water pond in the center gives this house a traditional Persian atmosphere. A rectangular room with fresco walls was designed and used to host special guests. It was big enough to hold different celebrations in it.


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