Marnan Bridge

Marnan Bridge

Marnan Bridge, also known as Marbin Bridge, is one of the bridges in Isfahan that somehow has similar stone Foundations as Shahrestan Bridge. The piers of the two bridges have many similarities. This bridge is 186 m long and 4.8 m wide. What makes this bridge different from the Shahrestan Bridge is the upper part of the bridge which is made of brick. This part belongs to the 17th century and safavid era. The curves and shapes of the arches are based on safavid style. The bridge was rebuilt by Khaje Sarfaraz who was the Armenian administer after the death of his father.

The special location of Marnan Bridge

This bridge is built on the western side of the city. Marnan Bridge connects the northern side of Zayandehrud River to the Armenian district which is located on the south of Isfahan. This bridge has 17 spans. Scholars have declared that there used to be more spans on this bridge.

Walking along this bridge is always a relaxing experience. The silence that this place offers will provide you with a peaceful feeling. Although, on the other side of the bridge there is a small waterfall that gives this place a vibrant atmosphere.

History of Marnan Bridge

The name Marnan could be derived from the word Mehrbin. There used to be a Mithraism temple named Mehrbin near the area of Marnan Bridge. However, there is no written document of this fact.  This bridge was probably constructed after Shahrestan Bridge in Sasanid era. Then, it was renovated with a Safavid style.


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